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Scaling Glencore's Drone Success: 34 Sites with 300+ Pilots

Andrew has paved the way in mining by planning, developing, and scaling a high quality and highly efficient commercial drone program across 34 sites and +300 pilots, nationwide.

As many organisations are still in the early stages of this journey, they are looking to leaders (like Andrew) for guidance on how to do this effectively as drones continue to become a necessary piece part of everyday operations.

Check out the webinar below with Andrew and the FlyFreely Team, as they unpack this journey in more detail - sharing insights and lessons learnt on how best develop your drone program.

Watch the full video below:

About our Expert Guest:

Andrew Sutherland

RPAS Chief Pilot / Aviation Coordinator, Glencore

After 30 years in IT, Andrew has transitioned back into aviation working as Chief Remote Pilot for Glencore, covering all resource streams, and Aviation Coordinator for Coal Assets.

As an IT professional Andrew worked as Information Technology Support in desktop, server, networking and telecommunications and IT Strategic Planning and IT Governance. Andrew also has experience in Emergency Services as a NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer and remains a qualified Commercial Pilot.

Summary of content

Scaling and Success of Glencore's Drone Program
  • 🚁 Andrew has successfully built an impressive drone program, training pilots across 34 sites, which can provide valuable lessons for others in the industry.
  • 🚁 The Glencore drone program started as a pet project but has now scaled across 34 sites with over 300 pilots, showcasing its success and potential in the mining industry.
  • 🚁 Trusting drone pilots and creating a learning culture is crucial for success in launching a drone program, as mistakes and crashes are inevitable but can be used as opportunities for improvement.
  • ⏰ Learning from their initial rollout, Glencore found a more efficient way to apply the lessons learned and improve the implementation process for their drone program.
  • 🚁 The team launched a drone program across 34 sites with 300+ pilots, using a sandbox practice area to learn and improve their skills.
  • ✅ The internal training program and assessments for sub two kilo pilots not only ensure competence but also provide a pathway for them to transition into more advanced roles as aerial pilots.
  • 📈 The focus for the next 12 months is on consolidation and further development of the drone program, indicating a commitment to scaling and improving the program's effectiveness.
  • 🗣️ The team's persistence and feedback have been instrumental in the success of the program, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement and communication.
Benefits and Applications of Drone Technology
  • 📐 Using drones for inspection purposes can significantly reduce downtime and costs compared to traditional methods like scaffolding and aerial work platforms.
  • 💼 Glencore is expanding their drone program beyond mining to include their farming community, highlighting the potential for drones in various industries.
  • 📱 The implementation of a mobile app for flight approvals and planning has been a game-changer for Glencore's drone program, making it easier and more efficient for pilots to manage their operations.
  • 🚁 "Drone in a box is a great idea, especially for remote areas, where our team can use it when they don't have access to on-site resources or are occupied with other tasks."
  • 🌍 The use of drones in various industries, such as mining, can significantly improve efficiency and safety measures.
If you'd like to chat more about automating your drone compliance and operations, Reach out to our team for more information.

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